Art + Pattern Society is a European collective of artists and pattern designers. Our designs are available to license or buy outright. They are suitable for a wide variety of markets: textiles, apparel, home decor, stationery and more. 

You can visit an individual artist’s page to see a selection of their work and find links to their online portfolios.

To access all of our designs, we invite you to contact us to book an appointment to see the latest work that comes out of our studio’s. We’re looking forward to talk to you about your projects so we can find the perfect designs for your needs.

Annette Lennerup

Annette is a surface pattern and fashion designer living in Madrid. She creates fun, colorful patterns for licenses and commissions. She has always loved playing with colors and enjoys bringing joy to others through patterns and colors. Her work is influenced by her Scandinavian heritage, world travel and nature.

Annette has a BA in Graphic Design and Media from Sweden with a year at London College of Printing and a BA in Fashion Design from London College of Fashion. With over 17 years of experience in the fashion industry she now creates prints and designs for a range of industries and clients.

Evgeniya Pautova

Evgeniya is the illustrator and surface pattern designer behind the Wow Yellow brand. She collaborates with creative brands from all over the world.

Evgeniya was born in Rybinsk (Russia) where she studied Fine Arts. Later, Evgeniya got a Masters Degree in Child Psychology (Yaroslavl State Pedagogic University). After a career in graphic design, she now works as a full-time illustrator and surface pattern designer.

Evgeniya enjoys helping her clients connect with their audience by making really personal and fun designs always with a warm hand-drawn touch.

Petra van der Lem

Petra is a graphic, surface &­ pattern designer working from her home studio in the Netherlands. 

She is trained as an Interior Designer and has a BA in Art History with a minor in Printmaking & Graphic Arts.

Her style is colorful and graphic but also dreamy and intuitive. She likes to be guided by what is happening on the paper or canvas. Colors are used to create an atmosphere or to make a statement. A color says a lot about the character of a person, the appearance of a company, or the vibe of an interior. 

Petra has an eye for detail, enjoys small imperfections and the unexpected beautiful oops.

Ruth Nijsten

Ruth is Dutch, holds a Masters in Fashion and Textile design. 

She worked as a fashion and surface pattern designer for brands and retailers in Europe, after which she moved to Southeast Asia where she spend 20 years working with clients in Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States. She recently moved back to the Netherlands. 

Her prints can be found on stationery, textiles, apparel, home decor products and wallpaper.